Bren ir'Gadden

Major of Breland Army during the Last War.


He was an important military element during the Last War, working specially with intelligence. A few days before the Day of the Mourning he disappeared from camp and appeared to be kidnapped. A group of adventures was rallied to save him and his aid, Aric Blacktree.

Four years later he brings the group of adventures that saved him together in a reunion to remember the Day of the Mourning, but a terrible monster appears that day, killing some of his guests. He asks the group to discover the one responsible.

After the group returns with the body of Aric Blacktree, he offers quarters in his house to help them recover as well as his friendship. He also delivers a lyre to Sariel.

After that he disappears for a few days. In the Sharn Inquisitive’s next issue it is reported that he is out with King Boranel, hunting.

Bren ir'Gadden

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